Requests, objections and appeals

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Step 1: Request

If you believe that it may be in your interest to have an HU body make a decision, you can submit a so-called letter of request to this body.

For instance, you can ask the Examination Board if you want to have them decide as to whether the EERs should be adhered to or actually deviated from. You can submit the letter of request by way of completing the request form that is available on your Examination Board’s website.

Subjects for which you may submit a request via this website are, among others: adjustments to your examination programme, the design of your free elective course programme (minor course), exemptions and additional examination opportunities or replacement assignments. If you have any questions in this respect, please contact your study career counsellor and/or the student counsellor.

Step 2: Objection procedure

If you, as a (future) student, disagree with a university's decision, you can lodge an objection or appeal against it. A decision is an individual decision, for instance to a request, but also, for instance, a course examination assessment, a recommendation on the continuation of your studies or an enrolment refusal. An objection procedure involves the review of the decision by the same body that made the decision in the first place. This is a quick and relatively easy procedure. The term for submitting the objection is 2 weeks.

Objections to decisions made by the Examination Board as well as assessments can be submitted directly through the Examinations Board’s website. For all other objections, you should email the person who made the decision. The relevant information is always included in the notification of the decision.

Please note: you can object or appeal in English. However, the decision that follows will always be in Dutch.

Step 3. Appeal procedure

If you also disagree with the decision that follows from your objection, you can appeal against it. This will be assessed independently. The term for lodging the appeal is 6 weeks. Appeals should be submitted to the HU Student Legal Protection Desk. There are quite a few formal requirements when you lodge an appeal (you should provide personal information, include the decision, etc.). To help you on your way, we have developed an electronic appeal form (only in Dutch available). If you fill in this form and enclose all the specified documents, you will automatically meet all of the requirements. You can also appeal against a decision without objecting first; the objection procedure is supplementary and optional.

If a decision is pending but you have a request for the Examination Board or Faculty Director, for example, you should submit this request to the body for which the request is intended (see step 1). You cannot use the appeal form for a request.

An internal website with more information and all the previous cases and rulings is available to HU students at

HU Enrolment regulation

More information about the objection and appeal procedure can be found in section 37 of the HU Enrolment Regulation.