Apply for bachelor's or associate degree programme

Below you will find information on how to apply for a full-time bachelor's or associate degree programme.

Do you have a diploma issued in a country other than the Netherlands? In that case, please check your admission process on our International website.

Before your application

  1. You have made up your mind. Are you absolutely sure about the degree programme you want to enrol in? Please check as to whether you have taken all the steps to come to the right choice.
  2. Check here whether you meet the admission requirements as set for the degree programme of your choice.
  3. Have you applied for a fixus course? Please check the admission procedure for this course once again. Please note that there are no English-taught fixus courses, so all the information is in Dutch only.

Applying and enrolling

Step 1. Apply in Studielink

  • Go to Studielink and use your DigiD to log on. If you don't have a DigiD as yet, go to to apply for one. Please take into account that it may take up to five working days before you receive your DigiD. You must apply for a place in a full-time bachelor's or associate degree programme without selection on 1 May 2018 at the latest. This applies to all of our prospective students who hold a Dutch diploma. If you hold a diploma issued outside the Netherlands, please follow the deadlines listed at
  • Follow the instructions in Studielink and submit an 'Application for enrolment' for the degree programme of your choice. HU will automatically receive a notification when you have submitted your application for enrolment in Studielink. You will receive your HU student number by email. Please keep it at hand whenever you contact HU. Please note: study allowance must be applied for separately and directly through the DUO Agency.

Step 2. Complete your application for enrolment in a HU degree programme

  • After the programme selection check, HU will send you an email with instructions for the completion of your application (in June.) This concerns the payment of tuition fees, uploading a photo for your student card, and sending us specific documents, if necessary. Please ensure that your email address in Studielink is correct so that you will receive this information.  

After your application

Once you meet all the admission requirements, you will be enrolled. You will receive a proof of enrolment and your student card will be published online in MyHU. The student card will also be sent to you by regular post. Information about required books, introduction days and schedules can be found on (see Study programme information).

Binding negative recommendation

Do you have to quit your studies because you received a binding negative recommendation on the continuation of your studies? You will have until 1 September to apply for a place in another degree programme in Studielink. However, do this as soon as possible, so that you can still take part in the programme selection check for this new programme.

Cancelling your application

Are you having second thoughts about the study programme for which you have applied, or have you applied for multiple degree programmes that you do not wish to enrol in? If so, please cancel your application(s) for enrolment in Studielink before the start of the programme(s).

  • Log on to Studielink: 
  • Go to My degree programmes and select the programme for which you wish to cancel your application.
  • Next, go to Programme Details and select Cancel application.
  • In the next screen, click Confirm.

You will now no longer receive any reminder emails from HU for this programme, and a direct debit authorisation for the payment of the tuition fees, if you issued one, will also be cancelled automatically. You can now apply for a place in another degree programme in Studielink. If you cancel your application on, or after, the programme's starting date, costs will be involved. Have you decided to not enrol in higher education (as yet), but you have applied for study allowance and/or a student public transport pass? If so, make sure that you cancel these in time. For more information, visit the websites of the DUO Agency and

Final application dates

You must apply for a place in a full-time bachelor's or associate degree programme without selection on 1 May 2018 at the latest. This applies to all prospective students currently enrolled in Dutch education. FIxus courses have different final application dates. Please check whether this applies to you on our website (in Dutch only).

Authorising someone else to apply on your behalf

If you are unable to arrange for your application and all the related affairs yourself, for instance because you are travelling abroad, it is possible to authorise someone else (a so-called authorised agent) to do it for you. Please use the form below to authorise that person. The document must be completed and signed by both you and the authorised person. Send the form, per regular post, to: HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Enrolment Office, PO Box 8218, 3503 RE Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Third party authorisation 2017-2018

Rights and duties

The students' rights, duties, and legal protection as well as the enrolment procedure and the arrangements for special facilities are described in the Enrolment Regulations.
HU Enrolment regulations 2017-2018

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