Cancel application or disenrol

You can cancel your application for enrolment or disenrol from a HU degree programme at any time. You can simply do so online, in Studielink. The Studielink instructions depend on whether you have applied for enrolment (cancellation) or are already enrolled at HU (disenrolment) and other aspects, such as the payment of your tuition fees.


Are you having second thoughts about the degree programme(s) for which you have applied, or have you applied for multiple degree programmes that you do not wish to enrol in? If so, you can cancel your application(s) for enrolment in Studielink. If you cancel before the start of the degree programme(s), cancellation will be free of charge. Any digital authorisation for the payment of the tuition fees will be cancelled automatically. If you cancel (or disenrol) on 1 September or later, costs may be involved.

How do I cancel my application?
Go to Studielink and log on with your DigiD;
- Go to My degree programmes and select the application that you would like to cancel;
- Go to Programme details and select Cancel application for enrolment;
- Click Confirm in the next screen.


If you are enrolled in a HU degree programme and decide to quit your studies, you can no longer cancel. You must then apply for disenrolment in Studielink instead. Please read the instructions on how to disenrol at (enter Disenrolment in the search field). Disenrolment can have consequences, for instance for the payment of tuition fees. Therefore, please use AskHU and carefully read the rules and conditions regarding disenrolment first.