If you have any questions about your application or enrolment, please contact us. We aim to answer your email within 2 working days, and to process any documents within 5 working days.

Personal Data Protection Act (WBP)
The Dutch Personal Data Protection Act regulates the safe storage and provision of personal data. Within its framework, the HU Enrolment Office has to be cautious in supplying information and documents about our students. If you are 18 years of age or older, the law disallows us to supply information about you to third parties. This includes employers, but also parents. However, if a third party acts as guarantor for the payment of your tuition fees, then the HU Enrolment Office is allowed to provide information to them about payment of the tuition fees.

Postal address Enrolment Office
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
Attn. Enrolment Office
P.O. Box 8218
3503 RE Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)88 481 8181
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Visiting address Enrolment Office
Student Service Desk
Padualaan 101
3584 CH Utrecht
Open: Monday - Friday, 9.30AM-4.30PM

DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs)
+31 (0)50 599 7755

We have collated all the information for our first-year students at Do you have an HU account or have you already started your studies, please check for information about courses and programmes, required literature, and time schedules.

Reminder: enrolment and payment tuition fees

Reminder enrolment and payment tuition fees

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