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Have you explored the study programmes on our website and read the information brochures? Did you attend an open day and orientation day? If you are certain of the study programme you have chosen, you can apply for enrolment. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht wants to ensure you choose the programme that suits you best, making it more likely that you will complete the programme and obtain your diploma. Therefore we developed a programma selection check. For students living outside of the Netherlands who apply for a full time study programme only part of the programme selection check, the digital intake form, is obligatory. Futhermore they have the right but no obligation to have a Skype interview with the programme. The programme selection check helps you to choose the degree programme that suits you best so that you have a greater chance of completing the degree programme successfully. 

Note: prospective students living in one of the BES (Bonaire, St Eustacius and Saba) or CAS islands (Curaçao, Aruba, and St Martin) are considered as students living outside the Netherlands. See Procedure

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