Programme selection check

Programme Selection Check

Did you explore the study programmes on our website and read the information brochures? If you are certain of the study programme you have chosen, you are ready to apply for enrolment. 
Orientation activities and the programme selection check helps you to choose the study programme that suits you best, so you will have a better chance of successfully completing the degree programme.

Please note: unfortunately it happens regularly that e-mails about the programme selection check end up in the spam folder. Therefore, please check your spam folder regularly so you don’t miss any important information.

Do you live in the Netherlands?

For prospective students living in the Netherlands the programme selection check is a mandatory requirement for enrolment for the propaedeutic phase of a full-time Bachelor’s, dual or AD study programme without a (decentralized) selection. The programme selection check exists of a digital intake and a matching day. After the matching day you will receive a non-binding advice. This means that even if you receive a negative advice, you still get to make the decision to start the programme.

Are you looking for a part-time Bachelor’s degree programme? Please read more about the programme selection check for part-time Bachelor’s degrees. Because there are no English-taught part-time programmes, the information is only available in Dutch.

Do you live abroad or in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom?

The digital intake is also mandatory for you. Because the travel distance might be an obstacle to attending a matching day, the degree programme offers you the possibility of an advisory interview via Skype. You can request it at the end of the digital intake. This interview is not mandatory, but recommended. After this interview you will receive a non-binding advice.

Please note: if you have a foreign diploma of prior education, then an evaluation of your diploma is also a part of your application requirements. For more information about this, we refer you to How to apply’.


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