For whom

Do you live abroad?

For prospective students living outside of the Netherlands who apply for a full-time Bachelor’s or AD-programme only the digital intake of the programme selection check is mandatory. When you apply before 1 May you are also entitled to a Skype interview, but this is not mandatory.

Prospective students living on one of the BES (Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba) or CAS islands (Curacao, Aruba, and St Maarten) are considered as students living abroad.

Do you live in the Netherlands?

The deadline to apply for the propaedeutic phase of a full-time Bachelor’s or AD programme without a (decentralized) selection is 1 May. After the compulsory digital intake, mandatory participation in the matching day is the next step in the programme selection check trajectory. 
If you are part of an exemption group (programme choice changers or switcher) that is allowed to apply after 1 May, then the programme selection check is also mandatory for you. This means you also need to fill out the digital intake and participate in the matching day.

The programme selection check trajectory starts when you apply via Studielink for a full-time Bachelor’s or AD programme without a (decentralized) selection. Did you apply for multiple programmes at the HU? Then you need to complete the programme selection check or the (decentralized) selection for all degree programmes separately.


Exemption groups that can apply to a study programme until 31 August:

  • Those who change their programme choice: students that already have applied for a study programme before the 1 May deadline and now apply to a different programme.
  • Switchers: students enrolled in the current academic year, who apply to a different study programme for the upcoming academic year.
  • Students living abroad.

For prospective students living abroad who apply for a full-time study programme are also obligated to complete the digital intake. They are allowed to apply after 1 May. Please note the following deadlines to complete their application:

  • 15 June – Non-EU/EEA students who need an entry visa for studying
  • 15 July – Non-EU/EEA students who wish to transfer to HU with a temporary residence permit
  • 1 August – Students from EU/EEA countries who have a European diploma
    When you apply to an international study programme, the matching day will often be replaced by a Skype interview.

Our full-time Bachelor's degree programmes with selection have a different admission procedure and different deadlines. To find out more, please check (in Dutch only). Creatieve Therapie (in Dutch only) has a different type of selection as well.