Students living outside of the Netherlands

  • For students living outside of the Netherlands who apply for a full time study programme only part of the programme selection check, the digital intake form, is obligatory. Furthermore they have the right but no obligation to have a Skype interview with the programme.
  • The procedure starts as soon as you have applied at HU via Studielink for a degree programme. Please note the following deadlines:
    - 15 June - Non-EU/EEA students who need an entry visa for study
    -15 July – Non-EU/EEA students who wish to transfer to HU with a temporary residence permit
    -1 August - Students from EU/EEA countries who have a European diploma
  • After your application is submitted through Studielink, you will receive a digital intake form. Returning this intake form is an obligatory part of your enrollment. This is a questionnaire that requires you to think carefully about the degree programme that you want to enroll in. It will ask you questions about your abilities, interests, and motivation. We also want to know more about the programme selection activities that you have undertaken to arrive at your decision.
  • The last question in the digital intake form gives you the option to have a Skype interview with the programme. Note: this is not an obligatory part of your enrollment.
  • Only if you did partake in a  Skype interview you will receive a letter with our recommendation by email within three weeks. Examples of recommendations: a) we see a clear match; b) we see a match, but also some issues that require attention; c) we do not see a match. The programme selection check recommendation is not binding. So it is always up to you as to whether you will continue the enrollment procedure.
  • HU believes that each student should be able to count on proper counseling during their study career. The answers that you have provided in your digital intake form as well as our recommendation if you did partake in a Skype interview will, therefore, be stored in your personal student file. Your study career counsellor may refer to them when counseling you during your studies.
  • If you have applied for more than one HU degree programme, you will be taking part in the programme selection check procedure for each degree programme separately. 
Our full-time bachelor's degree programmes with selection have a different admission procedure and different deadlines. To find out more, please check (in Dutch only). Some of our degree programmes have a different type of selection as well.  This applies to Creatieve Therapie and Logopedie (in Dutch only).

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