When does it take place?

  • The programme selection check starts as soon as you apply to a study programme via Studielink for the propaedeutic phase of a full-time Bachelor’s or AD study programme without a (decentralized) selection. Please note: the deadline for applying to these programmes is 1 May for all students living in the Netherlands. 
  • When you live abroad, you are allowed to apply after 1 May. Please note the following deadlines:
    • 15 June – Non-EU/EEA students who need an entry visa for studying
    • 15 July – Non-EU/EEA students who wish to transfer to HU with a temporary residence permit
    • 1 August – Students from EU/EEA countries who have a European diploma
  • After your application in Studielink you need to complete the digital intake. Please complete it within two weeks.
  • The first digital intakes will be sent as of February.
  • At the end of the digital intake you will find more information about how to sign up for the matching day. If you live abroad you may take part in a non-mandatory Skype interview to get a more precise advice.
  • A couple of programmes start with the first matching days as early as March/April. Most matching days take place in June. Some programmes also offer a matching day or activity in August. In some cases this will be an individual advisory interview. Matching days in August are mainly intended for the exemption groups who are allowed to apply to a study programme after the deadline of May 1.
  • Please check the overview (in Dutch only) when the matching days take place.
  • For study programmes with a limited number of places (numerus fixus) that have a decentralized selection, the deadline to apply for the programmes is 15 January. Because the deadline is so early, the digital intake will be sent as of October of the previous year.

Do you have any questions about the programme selection check? Please e-mail us at info@hu.nl.