• The programme selection check starts as soon as you have applied at HU via Studielink for a place in a full-time bachelor's or ad-programme without selection. Please note: for these degree programmes, you must have applied by 1 May 2017 at the latest. This applies to all of our prospective students currently enrolled in Dutch education. After you have submitted your application through Studielink, you will receive an electronic intake form. You must fill in and return the electronic intake form within two weeks.
  • The first electronic intake forms will be sent in February 2017.
  • More information about the registration for a matching day is stated in the intake form.
  • A number of degree programmes organise their first matching days in March and April 2017. Most matching days take place in June 2017. The faculties also offer a matching day in August 2017. In some cases, the matching day includes an individual interview. The matching days in August are intended, in principle, for those students who have applied before the 1 May deadline but have changed their minds afterwards.
  • In this overview (in Dutch only), you will find which departments organise matching days for which study programmes and when they will take place. The enrolment procedure is described in the HU Enrolment Regulations 2016-2017 (preliminary version, in Dutch only). 
  • Do you have any questions about the programme selection check? Please e-mail us at info@hu.nl.

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