Language tests

HU University offers several English-language and Dutch-language bachelor’s degree courses. To apply for these courses, you have to prove that you are sufficiently proficient in English or Dutch.

English proficiency

A HAVO, VWO, or MBO level 4 diploma serves as proof of your proficiency in English. If you do not have one of these diplomas, did not receive English-language education and English is not your mother tongue, you will need to take an entrance exam (TOEFL or IELTS) to test your command of English. There are some exceptions. If you have completed your prior education in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, or if you hold an international American high school diploma, or passed British IGCSEs/A-levels, or have an IB diploma, you do not have to sit an English language examination in order to enrol in a bachelor's degree programme.

Applying for the English language examination
You can apply for the English language examinations through (IELTS exam) or (TOEFL exam). You will receive a statement of results after the examination. You can forward this statement to HU through the IELTS or TOEFL website by using institutional code 9942. Alternatively, you can send a photocopy (not a screenshot) to our postal address (see Contact). More information about the language examinations and the required scores can be found at

Dutch proficiency

If you completed your prior education abroad and now want to enrol in a degree programme that is taught in Dutch, you must take the NT2 II (Dutch as a Second Language, Level II) state examination. This also applies when you have Dutch nationality, but your diploma was issued abroad. For more information, please contact the faculty responsible for your degree programme.

Applying for the Dutch language examination
You can apply for a Dutch language examination (NT2-examen) through the DUO Agency's website (in Dutch). The examination will take place at least 6 weeks after the date on which you apply in order to allow time for the financial and administrative settlement of the examination. Your exam result will be published on the DUO Agency's website after approximately 5 weeks.