Student card

Every year you are enrolled as a student at the HU University, you receive a student card and proof of enrolment.

HU will send you a certificate of enrolment and a student card each academic year, regardless of the type (bachelor, master, minor) or variant (full-time, part-time, work study) of your study programme. As soon as your enrolment has been finalised and you have uploaded your passport photo in Osiris, you will receive your student card (approximately two weeks before the start of your programme).

If you are enrolled in more than one study programme, you will also receive multiple student cards. If you switch study programmes before the end of the academic year, you will automatically receive a new student card. If you have an address outside of the Netherlands, your student card will be sent to HU's Student Information Desk (STIP). Please contact them for more information.

Online student card in MyHU
As soon as your enrolment has been finalised, your student card will also be published online in MyHU, under 'Student card'. Use your HU account to log onto MyHU. The online student card has the same status and function as the physical card. If your student card does not appear online, please contact the Enrolment Office.

Uploading your photo
It is possible to upload a passport photo in MyHU. However, this photo will not be used for your student card or your electronic card in MyHU. The photo for your student card must be uploaded in Osiris Student seeinstructions below).

Instructions for uploading