Information about tuition fees

If you are enrolled at the HU University, you need to pay tuition fees, even if you’re only doing a work placement or internship. The payment of tuition fees is arranged through Studielink.

Please note: For the 2018-2019 academic year, the Dutch government has proposed to halve the statutory tuition fees for first-year students. In case of educational degree programmes, this might even apply for two years. The bill has passed in the House of Representatives, but will also need to pass in the Senate. You can find whether the reduced fee applies to you, as well as the latest info concerning the proposal on the website of the Dutch Government.

Statutory tuition fees and institutional tuition fees

There are two types of tuition fees: statutory tuition fees and institutional tuition fees. Depending on your situation, you will pay one or the other type of fees. The statutory tuition fees, commonly known as legal tuition fees, are determined by the government and are the same at every Dutch educational institute. The institutional tuition fees are determined by each university itself. The amount of the institutional tuition fees is considerably higher than the legal tuition fees because HU does not receive any funding from the government for the students who may not be charged the legal tuition fees rate. In order to compensate, HU passes on the difference through the institutional tuition fees. Furthermore, the tuition fees are also raised annually on the basis of the Consumer Price Index of all the households in the Netherlands.

Which tuition fee applies to me?

Whether you will have to pay the legal or institutional tuition fees depends on, among other things, the type of course that you choose (full-time, part-time, work-study), your nationality and any degrees that you might have already obtained. Read more about the nationality principle and the degree principle. You can use the tuition fee calculator to find out which tuition fees rate applies to you. This rate is also shown in Studielink.

Change of tuition fee rate
It may be that the rate changes according to new information received from the DUO agency after you have authorised the payment. This may happen, for instance, if you obtained Dutch nationality after your application in Studielink. You are then entitled to be charged the legal tuition fees. It could also be that you will receive a diploma from another higher education provider in August (this information will not reach us until October), so that we are obliged to charge you the institutional tuition fees rather than the legal fees.

If you have any questions about the tuition fee rate that applies to you, please contact us

Study allowances

There are possibilities to apply for study cost allowance, such as the teacher’s grant, teachers' allowance or an additional performance-linked grant. As of September 2017, Lifelong Learning Loans (in Dutch only) are also available to those students who are enrolled in a recognised degree programme, but who are not entitled to apply for a student grant.

For questions about these schemes and eligibility, please visit DUO Agency’s website. For information on tax deduction of the study costs, please visit

Reimbursement of tuition fees

You can end your enrolment at HU in Studielink at any moment. As of the date of disenrolment, your obligation to pay tuition fees is also terminated. Depending on the amount of tuition fees you have already paid, you will be reimbursed 1/12 of the tuition fees paid for every calendar month of the academic year during which you are no longer enrolled. This does not apply to the months of July and August: if you disenrol as of June 1 or later, you will have to pay the full tuition fees amount for all 12 months.

Whether you are eligible for the reimbursement of tuition fees will be determined by HU. This will be automatically checked when you have submitted your request for disenrolment in Studielink. You do not have to take any action. If, according to HU, you have a right to the reimbursement of tuition fees, the amount will be automatically transferred back into your bank account within 30 days of the date stated on your certificate of disenrolment. Any tuition fees paid in excess will be transferred back into the bank account from which the tuition fees were withdrawn or paid.