Payment possibilities

You arrange payment of tuition fees in Studielink. For the 2018-2019 academic year you can arrange this as of 11 June 2018. The following methods of payment apply.

Log in to Studielink, go to My To Do list and enter your payment details. If you do not have a Dutch bank account number, you can only pay by money transfer (see explanation below).

1. Direct debit payment in 1 instalment
Select payment method Digital Authorisation in Studielink. You authorise HU to withdraw the full tuition fee amount in one instalment from your account, or the account of a third person. The direct debit takes place around 25 September.

2. Direct debit payment in 10 instalments
Select payment method Digital Authorisation in Studielink. You authorise HU to withdraw the tuition fees in 10 instalments from your account, or the account of a third person. We charge a one-off €24.00 administration fee, which will be withdrawn with the first instalment. The instalments will be debited around 25 September, 25 October, 25 November, 25 December, 25 January, 25 February, 25 March, 25 April, 25 May (please note, this is a double debit!), 25 June (please note, this is a double debit!). Is somebody else (e.g. a parent) paying your tuition fees, or are you paying for yourself as a minor? You will then receive an activation code by email, which you have to send through to the other person. The other person must then sign the digital authorisation with his/her own DigiD.

3. Foreign bank account or payment by company
Somebody else (e.g. a company or employer) is paying your tuition fees. Indicate this in Studielink first: select payment method Via institution of higher education and download the HU payment form 2018-2019 after that. As soon as we have received and processed your form you will receive an invoice (after 1 October 2018). The guarantor (payer) will transfer the full tuition fees amount in one transaction within 30 days of the invoice date to the HU University; in the name of Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht, IBAN number NL77ABNA0256732760, BIC number ABNANL2A, stating your student number. See below for payment from abroad.

Please note: Did you confirm your payment method?
Please make sure that you confirm your payment in Studielink. Have you received a message from HU that you still have to confirm payment, but it is not listed in your Studielink To Do list? Please select your study programme in My courses. At the bottom of the page, click Changing payment details and confirm. You can now confirm your payment again via the To Do list.

Changing payment details

You can no longer change the payment details entered in Studielink after you confirmed the digital authorisation. In that case, please use HU payment form 2018-2019.

In the event of tuition fees not being paid because of a problem with transferring the amount due, students are personally responsible for making sure the payment is transferred by the due date of the instalment, even if a third party, e.g. your parents, are paying the tuition fees.