Payment problems

It may happen that a tuition fees instalment cannot be debited from your bank account because of insufficient funds or if your enrolment was only finalised after the first direct debit date. As a student, you are responsible for the timely payment of the tuition fees, even if someone else – a sponsor, employer – is paying the tuition fees on your behalf.

Direct debit failure?
If a direct debit fails, HU cannot make a second attempt to withdraw the money from your bank account. Within 2 weeks, you will receive a payment demand, with a link for payment through iDEAL. You can use this link to transfer the amount due into the HU bank account. If, for any reason, the link does not work, please transfer the amount in the regular way into IBAN: NL77ABNA0256732760, BIC code (or SWIFT code): ABNANL2A, account holder: Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht. Please always state your student number in the transfer order.

If the amount debited from your bank account is incorrect, please contact the Financial Administration Department (see contact details below).

Disenrolment by HU due to payment arrears
If you are unable to pay an instalment or are already in arrears, please contact the Financial Administration Department. It might be possible to set up a payment arrangement. If, after multiple reminders and demands, you still fail to meet your payment obligation, HU will terminate your enrolment in accordance with the Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek; WHW), Article 7.42, paragraph 2). As of this date, you will no longer have the right to attend any educational activities, nor will you be entitled to a student grant or a student public transport pass. You will have to contact the DUO agency to cancel the latter as of the date that HU has terminated your enrolment. If you disenrolled in Studielink as of an earlier date, the date of disenrolment that you selected will apply.

In order to be re-enrolled once you have settled your payment arrears, you will have to take the following steps:

1.    Settling your payment arrears
The HU engaged the GGN Gerechtsdeurwaarders Utrecht collection agency for the collection of this debt. They will contact you shortly. You can contact GGN by telephone on 088 331 4747 or by email:

2.    Apply via Studielink
As soon as you have paid your debt in full, you can submit an enrolment request in Studielink via

3.    Ask the faculty's permission
After your application in Studielink, you can ask the Faculty Director for permission to enrol in the course even though the course has already started. The decision lies with the Faculty Director. To this end, contact the STIP by telephone on 088 481 9999 or by email:

Lodge an objection
If you disagree with the decision of disenrolment, you can lodge an objection in writing to the Enrolment Office within 2 weeks of the date stated at the beginning of this letter. You can send your signed letter of objection by regular mail to: HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Enrolment Office, PO Box 8218, 3503 RE Utrecht. Alternatively, you can email the letter to:

Lodge an appeal
If you disagree with the subsequent decision on your objection, you can lodge an appeal through the HU Student Legal Protection Desk within 6 weeks. You can also appeal against a decision without objecting first; the objection procedure is supplementary and optional. In order to find out what you need to do if you want to appeal, please refer to (in Dutch only).

An objection or appeal does not give you the right to a postponement of the payment of the balance due. If your objection or appeal is granted, any tuition fees paid in excess will be transferred back into your account.

For questions about a payment arrear, please contact the Financial Administration Department by telephone on 088 481 9131 or by email: