The degree principle

The degree principle means that as from August 1991 you are not allowed to have a bachelor's degree when you are enrolling in a bachelor's degree programme or a master's degree if you are enrolling in a master's degree programme. If you have, you are regarded as a stacker. There is one exception: You are allowed to have a degree if your second degree programme falls within the domain of health care or education, and your first degree programme did not. You can check whether this is the case for your degree programme through CROHO, the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes. If you will be, or have been, enrolled in two degree programmes at the same time and will obtain, or have obtained, a diploma for one of these programmes, special rules apply. Check our website about stacking for more information about these special rules.

How is this verified?
All the higher education diplomas achieved in the Netherlands are registered by the DUO Agency. When you apply for a degree programme, the DUO Agency informs us as to whether and when you achieved a diploma. Please note that, when you obtained a degree in the previous academic year, this will not always be passed on to HU before the beginning of the academic year. In that case, you will first be charged the legal tuition fees, since HU is not aware of your diploma. Once the notification from the DUO Agency has been processed, we will charge you the institutional tuition fees after all, if these apply. You will then owe us the institutional tuition fees as from the moment of your enrolment.